January 12, 2023

CAPSTJOE is seeking proposals/bids for three projects at our North Side Head Start location.  Bids to include materials and labor to convert two classrooms into baby rooms and to add dividing wall in mechanical rooms to create storage space.  This is a prevailing wage project.



  • frame wall in 2 mechanical closets
  • install 2 90-minute fire rated hollow metal doors and frames in mechanical/storage closets with PDQ storeroom locksets and closers.
  • install light and switch in new mechanical room.
  • hang drywall and finish drywall to a level 4 finish at mechanical room/ storage wall
  • prime and paint walls, door, and Frame at mechanical room/ storage wall with SW Promar 200 (or similar).



  • unhook sinks, salvage for reuse
  • demo flooring at cabinets as needed to reinstall new cabinets
  • remove existing cabinets in two classrooms
  • install new cabinets in two classrooms and shelving in two storage rooms
    • ten – lineal feet of plastic laminate base cabinets with standard cabinet cam locks (3 sets)
    • five – lineal feet of 24″ tall plastic laminate upper cabinets with standard cabinet cam locks (3 sets)
    • two and one half – lineal feet of 84″ tall storage cabinet with standard cabinet cam locks in the lower pair of doors (3 sets)
    • ten – lineal feet of plastic laminate countertop with 4″ loose splash (3 sets)
    • fourteen – lineal feet of 84″ tall plastic laminate open shelving cabinets
    • sixty – lineal feet of white melamine shelving, 16″ deep on KV standards and brackets
  • reinstall salvaged sinks, route sewer and water through cabinets as needed.



  • install flooring in unfinished rooms.
    • Install Ardex Self Level (or similar) to the entire surface of unfinished floor
    • Install Mannington Realities II (or similar) sheet vinyl to match existing.
    • Install flash cove base at cabinets to match flooring
    • Install rubber base in storage rooms and mechanical rooms



Bids must be received no later than 02:00pm, 01/26/2023.

May be delivered to 1322 N 36th or emailed to Ashley Phillips.

Bids may be for one or multiple projects.

Bidders MUST make an appointment with Ashley Phillips to walk through the project site

CAPSTJOE reserves the right to reject any/all bids when it is in CAPSTJOE’s best interest to do so.


Contact Ashley Phillips aphillips@capstjoe.org for additional information.



Successful Bidder must provide:

  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Federal Assurances
  • Federal Form W-9
  • References of similar work