August 30, 2023

CAPSTJOE is seeking proposals/bids for a Roof Replacement at our 9th & Monterey facility. The roof is part of a 4-bay garage building, with repairs needed to the north portion of that garage building. This is a prevailing wage project – Buchanan County Order No. 30.


• Remove existing roof to the deck.
• Replace any damaged decking.
• Mechanically fasten decking (describe process).
• Install a fully attached .060 MIL TP roof system (provide process/specs).
Suggested options will be considered.
• Install custom fabricated metal edging (describe materials used).
• Install flashing to all walls and roof penetrations (describe process/materials).
• Terminate walls with aluminum bar (describe process/fastenings).
• Provide, at least, a ten-year warranty on labor & materials.
• Remove and dispose of all roofing debris (describe disposal site).



• Contractor will obtain necessary permits.
• Certified weekly payrolls must be submitted.
• Proof of insurance and bonding must be provided.
• Proof of Worker’s Compensation Insurance must be provided.
• References for similar work completed.


Bids must be received no later than 03:00pm, 09/21/2023.
May be delivered to 1322 N 36th, St. Joseph, MO or emailed to Gary Miller.
Bidders must notify Gary Miller when they plan to do an inspection of the roof.
CAPSTJOE reserves the right to reject any/all bids when it is in CAPSTJOE’s best interest to do so.

Contact Gary Miller for additional information.